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Keep Your Candle Lit

Welcome to the Keep Your Candle Lit podcast! 

by Coachucation™ with Suzie

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Keep your candle lit, and let your light shine!

May 17, 2020

What is numerology and what does it mean to be truthful? How can fear, false stories about yourself, your date of birth, and your name affect you?

Suzie & Novalee explore the evolution of truth, relationships, and being Leos. Novalee shares insight on numerology, the vibration behind names, and integrity as well as the impact of labels (example- obsession versus passion). 

Listen in as Novalee generously offers Suzie a numerology reading that is very accurate. 

“My truth can change over time.”

“In my work, I can be the kind of leader I want to see other people be.”

“That’s valid. I don’t need to share the emotion. I just need to create space for it.”

About Novalee: Novalee is an author, professional Numerologist, the host of The Numerology Podcast, and founder of The Numerology School. 

To learn more about your own base numbers and how they impact you, connect with Novalee:

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